May 2017 – [English]

19 May

VANILLA MARKET UPDATE – MAY 2017 The turmoil in the global vanilla trade continues unabated as the 2017 green vanilla campaign gets underway in Madagascar. This market update will focus only on Madagascar as other vanilla growing regions, with the exception of Papua New Guinea where over 200mt of vanilla is expected, will have a negligible impact […]

The Vanilla Bean & The Current Market – May 2017

05 May

The Vanilla Bean & The Current Market – May 2017 Dear Valued Clients and Friends of Vanilla, Below is a presentation courtesy of Naushad Lalani. It is an excellent read for anybody who would like to understand vanilla and the current market situation.       

Post Enawo – March 2017

30 March

MADAGASCAR CYCLONE ENAWO [UPDATE: March 30th, 2017]   Dear Valued Clients and Friends of Vanilla, As most of you are now aware Cyclone Enawo struck the heart of the vanilla region in Madagascar on the morning of March 7th.  Loss of life and property were significant, in particular in and around the town of Antalaha. […]

Cyclone Enawo – March 2017

17 March

MADAGASCAR CYCLONE ENAWO [UPDATE: March 13th, 2017]   On March 7th at approximately 0900 local time a very powerful category 4 cyclone (Enawo) came ashore approximately 20km north of the town of Antalaha in the center of the vanilla region of Madagascar. With winds speeds of up to 200km/hr. and moving only at 10km/hr. the […]

Fevrier 2017 [Francais]

21 February

RAPPORT DU MARCHÉ DE LA VANILLE Nº 50 – FEVRIER 2017 Comme la campagne de la vanille de Madagascar 2016/17 tire à sa fin, l’état du marché mondial de la vanille a détérioré à des niveaux inimaginables il y a à peine quelques années.  Les prix ont atteint des sommets sans précédent qui éclipseront même ceux connus […]

February 2017 [English]

21 February

VANILLA MARKET REPORT NO 50 – FEBRUARY 2017 As the 2016/17 vanilla campaign in Madagascar draws to a close, the state of the global vanilla market has deteriorated to levels unimaginable just a few short years ago. Prices have reached and will almost certainly eclipse the highs of 2003, crop sizes have fallen woefully short of expectations […]

Rapport Intérimaire 2016 [Francais]

02 September

RAPPORT INTÉRIMAIRE DU MARCHÉ DE LA VANILLE NO. 49 – AOÛT 2016   Bien que nous sommes en avance de la date normale de l’émission de notre rapport du marché de la vanille, l’état actuel  du marché de la vanille de Madagascar  ne nous laisse pas d’alternative que d’émettre une mise à jour afin d’essayer de  comprendre […]

Interim Report 2016 [English]

02 September

INTERIM VANILLA REPORT #49 – AUGUST 2016   Although we are several months ahead of the normal date for the issuance of our vanilla market report, the current state of the Madagascar vanilla market leaves us no choice but to issue an update to try and make sense of the madness which is occurring on the […]

Mars 2016 [Francais]

31 March

RAPPORT DU MARCHE DE LA VANILLE NO. 48 – MARS 2016     Pendant la courte période de 5 mois depuis notre dernier communiqué,  le marché global de la vanille est tombé en mode « crise », pas dissemblable de  la saison 2002/2003.  C’était l’année avant que les prix pour les gousses de vanille de type extraction dépassent […]

March 2016 [English]

29 March

VANILLA MARKET REPORT NO 48 – MARCH 2016   In the 5 short months since our last market report the global vanilla trade has fallen into “crisis” mode not too dissimilar to “2002/2003” – the year before prices for extraction grade Madagascar Vanilla Beans surpassed USD 500.00/kg.  As the last lots from the 2015 Madagascar […]