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Aust & Hachmann (Canada) is a dedicated vanilla company dealing only in natural vanilla beans and their by-products.
We import, stock and distribute natural vanilla products throughout North America and other major
vanilla consuming markets including Japan, China, Brazil, Australia and Israel.


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  • May 2017 – [English]
    VANILLA MARKET UPDATE – MAY 2017 The turmoil in the global vanilla trade continues unabated as the 2017 green vanilla campaign gets underway in Madagascar. This market update will focus only on Madagascar as other vanilla growing regions, with the exception of Papua New Guinea where over 200mt of vanilla is expected, will have a negligible impact on the global vanilla production for 2017. Indonesia, India and Uganda are all expected to produce relatively small crops, probably well below 500mt combined. We will assess these markets in more detail later in the year. After a disastrous 2016 campaign, based on the activity we are currently seeing on the ground in Madagascar at the onset of the of the 2017 harvest, we are expecting the situation to deteriorate even further, before we see any improvement. There is no historical precedent as far as today’s vanilla prices and quality are concerned. We are now in uncharted waters and it remains to be seen how much further industrial […]
  • The Vanilla Bean & The Current Market – May 2017
    The Vanilla Bean & The Current Market – May 2017 Dear Valued Clients and Friends of Vanilla, Below is a presentation courtesy of Naushad Lalani. It is an excellent read for anybody who would like to understand vanilla and the current market situation.        […]
  • Post Enawo – March 2017
    MADAGASCAR CYCLONE ENAWO [UPDATE: March 30th, 2017]   Dear Valued Clients and Friends of Vanilla, As most of you are now aware Cyclone Enawo struck the heart of the vanilla region in Madagascar on the morning of March 7th.  Loss of life and property were significant, in particular in and around the town of Antalaha. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced, have limited access to food and safe drinking water and are relying mostly on outside aid as the local government simply does not have the necessary resources to deal with the crisis at hand. Thankfully several international aid organizations such as WHO and the Red Cross have already begun work on the ground. Please refer to the following link which will take you to several cluster plans directly targeting affected areas and communities. If you are thinking about possibly contributing to the relief effort, we encourage you to do […]

Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or sustainable business practices is something that companies who deal with underdeveloped countries like Madagascar are being encouraged to embrace. Defining sustainability and applying it within any business model, depending on the product involved, is not so easily achieved. In the case of vanilla from Madagascar there are several approaches which could all be considered sustainable with each practice providing its own benefits. Although Aust & Hachmann (Canada) sponsors several programs and projects on the ground our primary focus is education.



3 Ways you can help the vanilla communities of Madagascar

1) Sponsor a project through the Madagascar Development Fund (MDF)
2) Make a donation to CALA (committee for leprosy relief in Antalaha)
3) Make a donation to Macolline or JHA (Joey Helps Antalaha)




NGO’S supported by Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Ltd

– MDF (Madagascar Development Fund.)
– Committee for Leprosy Relief in Antalaha, C.A.L.A.



sambava_play_3_afterProjects Aust & Hachmann Canada supports

– Joey’s Gift to Madagascar (Colaboration with the JHA Fund)
– Health Centre at Ambohitrakongona.
– Construction of a 3 classroom, cyclone proof primary school in Ansahabe.
– Construction of a 3 classroom cyclone proof primary school at Ambatofitatra.
– Water, sanitation and play area beach project in Sambava.