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Aust & Hachmann (Canada) is a dedicated vanilla company dealing only in natural vanilla beans and their by-products.
We import, stock and distribute natural vanilla products throughout North America and other major
vanilla consuming markets including Japan, China, Brazil, Australia and Israel.


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The latest Market Reports

  • Novembre 2017 – [Francais]
    MISE À JOUR SUR LE MARCHÉ DE LA VANILLE – NOVEMBRE 2017 L’un après l’autre, les espoirs pour une inversion à court terme de la tendance du marché Mondial de la vanille sont anéantis, nous tenterons de vous expliquer ce qui s’est passé et nos perspectives pour un avenir immédiat. Madagascar – “En attendant l’inévitable” Au Madagascar, c’est la période d’exportation de la récolte de 2017 en ce moment, bien qu’un peu plus tard que prévu, à cause d’une interdiction du gouvernement d’exporter des gousses de vanille jusqu’au 15 octobre.  Ce n’est toujours pas clair quels étaient les objectifs du décret autre que de créer encore plus de tension dans un marché de vanille qui aurait pu bénéficier d’un peu de répit.  Depuis le 15 octobre plusieurs exportateurs ont enclanché un processus de rattrapage en raison de la demande refoulée causée par le décret, mis en force plus sévèrement seulement après que plusieurs exportateurs ont expédié un tonnage important de vanille au début […]
  • November 2017 – [English]
    VANILLA MARKET UPDATE – NOVEMBER 2017 One by one, as the hopes for a near term reversal in the market trends for the global vanilla trade are dashed, we will attempt to explain what has transpired and our perspective on the prospects for the immediate future. Madagascar – “waiting for the inevitable” In Madagascar, the 2017 crop is now being exported, albeit somewhat behind schedule, thanks to a government export ban on all vanilla beans through October 15th.  It is still not clear what the decree’s objectives were other than to create further tension in a vanilla market that could use some respite.  Since October 15th, many exporters have been playing catch up due to the pent-up demand caused by the decree, which was only strictly enforced after several exporters shipped out significant tonnage of vanilla in early September. Since the decree ended, on at least five occasions, large privately chartered air cargo planes have landed at the airport in Sambava, […]
  • August 2017
    VANILLA MARKET UPDATE – AUGUST 2017 Although we are still several months away from a more comprehensive global vanilla assessment, we felt it necessary to update the situation on the ground in Madagascar as it is evolving somewhat differently than we had suggested in our report of May 2017.  Madagascar will have an even more dominant position on the global vanilla stage in 2017 as compared to 2016 as virtually all speculative and carry over inventories of vanilla beans have been mostly liquidated.  The expected increase in vanilla production from other origins has not yet materialized and it is unlikely we will see a significant impact before 2018. Therefore what transpires in Madagascar this season will determine the trajectory of the global vanilla trade which we will analyze in greater detail later in the year. In the meantime the Madagascar harvest has been well under way for over almost two months and there have been several unexpected developments so far. […]

Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or sustainable business practices is something that companies who deal with underdeveloped countries like Madagascar are being encouraged to embrace. Defining sustainability and applying it within any business model, depending on the product involved, is not so easily achieved. In the case of vanilla from Madagascar there are several approaches which could all be considered sustainable with each practice providing its own benefits. Although Aust & Hachmann (Canada) sponsors several programs and projects on the ground our primary focus is education.



3 Ways you can help the vanilla communities of Madagascar

1) Sponsor a project through the Madagascar Development Fund (MDF)
2) Make a donation to CALA (committee for leprosy relief in Antalaha)
3) Make a donation to Macolline or JHA (Joey Helps Antalaha)




NGO’S supported by Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Ltd

– MDF (Madagascar Development Fund.)
– Committee for Leprosy Relief in Antalaha, C.A.L.A.



sambava_play_3_afterProjects Aust & Hachmann Canada supports

– Joey’s Gift to Madagascar (Colaboration with the JHA Fund)
– Health Centre at Ambohitrakongona.
– Construction of a 3 classroom, cyclone proof primary school in Ansahabe.
– Construction of a 3 classroom cyclone proof primary school at Ambatofitatra.
– Water, sanitation and play area beach project in Sambava.