Let us show you how Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Ltd can supply any or all of your needs for natural vanilla beans and their by-products


Aust & Hachmann (Canada) is a dedicated vanilla company dealing only in natural vanilla beans and their by-products.
We import, stock and distribute natural vanilla products throughout North America and other major
vanilla consuming markets including Japan, China, Brazil, Australia and Israel.


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The latest Market Reports

  • Octobre 2015 [Francais]
    RAPPORT DU MARCHÉ DE LA VANILLE Nº 47 – 0CT0BRE 2015 À l’arrivée sur le marché de la récolte 2015 de vanille de Madagascar, on constate le déroulement d’un scénario déjà trop familier. Comme prévu, la récolte est à la fois inférieure à la moyenne en termes de taille et de qualité. En fait, on
  • October 2015 [English]
    VANILLA MARKET REPORT NO. 47 – OCTOBER 2015 As the Madagascar 2015 vanilla crop comes to market an all too familiar scenario is beginning to unfold. As expected the crop is both below average in terms of both size and quality. In fact the quality is expected to be as bad or possibly worse
  • May 2015
    VANILLA MARKET REPORT NO.46 In spite of a large crop in Madagascar in 2014, the global vanilla market remains extremely tight in terms of supply and surprisingly strong in terms of demand. Madagascar continues to enjoy a virtual monopoly over the trade as other vanilla regions such as India, Indonesia and Uganda continue to

Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or sustainable business practices is something that companies who deal with underdeveloped countries like Madagascar are being encouraged to embrace. Defining sustainability and applying it within any business model, depending on the product involved, is not so easily achieved. In the case of vanilla from Madagascar there are several approaches which could all be considered sustainable with each practice providing its own benefits. Although Aust & Hachmann (Canada) sponsors several programs and projects on the ground our primary focus is education.



3 ways you can help the vanilla communities of Madagascar

1) Sponsor a project through the Madagascar Development Fund (MDF)
2) Make a donation to CALA (committee for leprosy relief in Antalaha)
3) Make a donation to Macolline or JHA (Joey Helps Antalaha)



NGO’S supported by Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Ltd

– MDF (Madagascar Development Fund.)
– Committee for Leprosy Relief in Antalaha, C.A.L.A.



sambava_play_3_afterProjects we support

– Water, sanitation and play area beach project – Sambava – 2012 /13 with MDF
– Construction of a 3 classroom, cyclone proof primary school in Ansahabe. (just north of Sambava) October 2014 with MDF
– Construction of a 3 classroom cyclone proof primary school at Ambatofitatra, north of Sambava. Estimate November 2015 with MDF