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Aust & Hachmann (Canada) is a dedicated vanilla company dealing only in natural vanilla beans and their by-products.
We import, stock and distribute natural vanilla products throughout North America and other major
vanilla consuming markets including Japan, China, Brazil, Australia and Israel.


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The latest Market Reports

  • Cyclone Enawo – March 2017
    MADAGASCAR CYCLONE ENAWO [UPDATE: March 13th, 2017]   On March 7th at approximately 0900 local time a very powerful category 4 cyclone (Enawo) came ashore approximately 20km north of the town of Antalaha in the center of the vanilla region of Madagascar. With winds speeds of up to 200km/hr. and moving only at 10km/hr. the storm wreaked havoc and destruction on the town of Antalaha and the surrounding regions. The town is over 80% destroyed and surrounding villages where dwellings are mostly vegetative were completely obliterated by winds and flash flooding. The coastline is destroyed over dozens of kilometers and littered with the debris of fallen trees and dead animals. Public infrastructure has been severely damaged and electricity and phone service cut off. The death toll continues to rise as aid reaches furthers into the countryside where rural communities are still completely cut off. The most immediate challenges for the local population are safe drinking water, food and […]
  • Fevrier 2017 [Francais]
    RAPPORT DU MARCHÉ DE LA VANILLE Nº 50 – FEVRIER 2017 Comme la campagne de la vanille de Madagascar 2016/17 tire à sa fin, l’état du marché mondial de la vanille a détérioré à des niveaux inimaginables il y a à peine quelques années.  Les prix ont atteint des sommets sans précédent qui éclipseront même ceux connus en 2003,  la taille des récoltes et la qualité générale des gousses de vanille sont dramatiquement à la baisse et en dessous de toute attente.  Presque toute la vanille, qui selon nos spéculations, était entreposée autour du monde (à un certain moment plus de 2500tm) a été vendue pour la plupart, par conséquent le marché a perdu sa plus importante réserve.  La plupart de ces réserves ont été liquidées avant que les prix dépassent 100.00 USD /kg. Uniquement les revendeurs de vanille  Indonésiens ont eu la volonté d’attendre jusqu’à récemment pour vendre leurs réserves, certaines datant de 8, 9  et même 10 ans. Ceci a probablement évité l’effondrement encore plus grave du […]
  • February 2017 [English]
    VANILLA MARKET REPORT NO 50 – FEBRUARY 2017 As the 2016/17 vanilla campaign in Madagascar draws to a close, the state of the global vanilla market has deteriorated to levels unimaginable just a few short years ago. Prices have reached and will almost certainly eclipse the highs of 2003, crop sizes have fallen woefully short of expectations and the overall quality of vanilla beans has fallen dramatically.  Almost all of the speculative vanilla being warehoused around the world (at some point probably over 2500mt) has for the most part been sold and as a result the market has lost an all-important buffer. Most of these stocks were liquidated before prices exceeded 100.00/kg. Only the Indonesian vanilla dealers had the will to wait until recently before selling their stocks, some of which dated back 8, 9 or even 10 years. This probably saved the market from further collapse This report will attempt to put some reason behind the current situation and at the same time dispel with the […]

Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or sustainable business practices is something that companies who deal with underdeveloped countries like Madagascar are being encouraged to embrace. Defining sustainability and applying it within any business model, depending on the product involved, is not so easily achieved. In the case of vanilla from Madagascar there are several approaches which could all be considered sustainable with each practice providing its own benefits. Although Aust & Hachmann (Canada) sponsors several programs and projects on the ground our primary focus is education.



3 Ways you can help the vanilla communities of Madagascar

1) Sponsor a project through the Madagascar Development Fund (MDF)
2) Make a donation to CALA (committee for leprosy relief in Antalaha)
3) Make a donation to Macolline or JHA (Joey Helps Antalaha)




NGO’S supported by Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Ltd

– MDF (Madagascar Development Fund.)
– Committee for Leprosy Relief in Antalaha, C.A.L.A.



sambava_play_3_afterProjects Aust & Hachmann Canada supports

– Joey’s Gift to Madagascar (Colaboration with the JHA Fund)
– Health Centre at Ambohitrakongona.
– Construction of a 3 classroom, cyclone proof primary school in Ansahabe.
– Construction of a 3 classroom cyclone proof primary school at Ambatofitatra.
– Water, sanitation and play area beach project in Sambava.